The Barrier Defense Solution

The ProblemThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized that hospital acquired infections are one of the major problems in America’s hospitals. The organisms that are prevalent are increasingly virulent MRSA, VRE, influenza, norovirus, C. difficile.

  • 90% of stethoscopes are contaminated
  • 25% of contaminates are virulent
  • average patient cost of hospital acquired infections approaches $70,000 and average liability costs exceeds $1,000,000
  • stethoscope manufacturers recommend cleaning the instrument between each patient encounter
  • medical professionals are 100% negligent following these recommendations
    recommended cleaning protocols are ineffective in adequate sterilization of the most virulent organisms
  • transmission of contaminates occurs once in every 32 patient encounters by healthcare professionals
  • patient populations that are increasingly sick, elderly, and immuno-compromised leads to increased susceptibility of transmitted contaminates

The Solution: Barrier defense is the only truly effective form of infection protection. Patented ZeroScope stethoscope covers provide 100% effective barrier defense.

The patented single use device eliminates transmission, while the removable cover protects the membrane from contamination before patient encounters. Learn how this low-cost device can save money and lives.

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We keep an up to date database of relevant and reliable research that points to the need for ZeroScope. Broken into the categories of Risk, Transmission, Technology, and Cost Savings, you can find justification for the device

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We live in an era of epidemic antibiotic resistance, virulence, and prevalence. Read how ZeroScope is being used in various capacities to eliminate transmission of pathogens with barrier protection.

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Don't Be a Vector of Transmission

We recently did a number of ATP tests using the Hygiena System Sure Plus on a random sampling of stethoscopes being actively used by physicians, nurses, and healthcare workers (and even a couple of hosptial toilets). The results are astounding as displayed above. Only ZeroScope had a perfect score of 0 while other stethoscopes in active patient care situations scored exponentially higher (even higher than the toilet seat).

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